June 6, D Day

Trump’s no Adolf Hitler but a parody
Who’s putting democracy in jeopardy.
We fought in a World War to stop Hitler then,
On D Day, storming beaches at Normandy.

The cost was a World War to save Europe then;
On D Day we lost nearly ten thousand men,
Who lie beneath crosses and stars and green grass,
Young lives stolen by war; what might they have been?

They rot beneath crosses and stars and green grass.
The Germans laid elsewhere, a cremated mass.
Will MAGAs and QAnons start a new war,
Kristallnacht: Democracy shattered like glass? (2)

Will MAGAs and QAnons start the next war,
Their Führer imprisoned like Hitler before? (3)
A new insurrection with one practice run, (4)
With blood in the streets, gutters clogged up with gore?

A new insurrection, just one practice run,
No small beer hall Putsch, Capitol overrun, (5)
To follow a man who cared nothing for them.
Will Donald next lead to the hour of the gun?

They follow a man who cares nothing for them,
Does bigotry shared with Trump glue them to him?
Democracy threatened, what’s our remedy?
Will we let the Trump base write its requiem?

Democracy teeters, what’s our remedy?
Or, do we face Dante’s Divine Comedy? (6)
We have to assure that elections stay free,
Or we will lose more lives than at Normandy.

(1) June 6, 1944, the Allies stormed several beaches in Normandy on D Day. This eventually led to the end of the war in Europe in May, 1945.
(2) November 9, 1938, Nazi mobs shattered windows of Jewish businesses and burned synagogues throughout Germany.
(3) Hitler served a nine month prison sentence for treason in 1923-1924.
(4) January 6, 2021; Trump has yet to be charged.
(5) Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, a failed revolution in Munich, November 8-9, 1923, for which he was imprisoned.
(6) Will we descend into Hell or Purgatory or rise into Heaven?