June 7, Chris Christie Weighs In

Chris Christie’s floated to the top
Of the Republican cesspool.
He brought a bucket and a mop,
And then broke every Trumpist rule.

He pointed out all Donald’s flaws
And what a Trumpist must accept:
The flouting of all norms and laws
Must be OK or be sidestepped.

The sewage Donald spewed around
Has clogged up all the sewer lines.
It’s soaked into the Red States’ ground
And poisoned all the Georgia pines.

Trump’s narcissism makes him think
We all should trust his GI tract,
His anal products do not stink,
And all his BS is a fact.

Chris Christie, with his mop and pail,
Assigned himself the cleansing task.
Most pundits think that he will fail;
Clean Trumpist minds? Too much to ask.

As Donald goes on spreading lies
With justice nibbling on his ass,
Can Christie cut him down to size?
Will Trumpists still give him a pass?

When Jack Smith finally throws the book
At Donald for his life of crime,
Will voters pause to take a look?
Is Donald running out of time?

Chris Christie tells us all, “Watch out!
“Trump’s pachyderm dumps piles of shit.
“And you’ve been warned, there is no doubt
“That it stinks when you step in it.”