May 22, Similarities

May 22, Similarities


Does “White Supremacy” resemble Hitler’s “Master Race”? (1)

Though, what do we find “masterful” in Donald’s MAGAt base?

Are Trump’s White Christian Nationalists like the “Übermensch”? (2)

And, don’t the questions asked above exude a racist stench?


Is Donald Trump an Übermensch?  A third of us think so.

In spite of all his flaws and crimes, he keeps his orange glow.

We may have seen this play before; look back to Germany

To see what happens in an übermenchlich tyranny.


You might recall in Germany that Hitler wrote a book,

Mein Kampf,” (My Struggle) in translation; we should take a look.

The cause of all his country’s problems?  Hitler blamed the Jews.

Do you see similarities with Trumpist, right-wing views?


Get rid of all the “aliens;” make women second class,

“All races, all religions,” a disorderly morass.

With everybody voting, then the “chosen one” may lose.

And we know that the liberals are funded by the Jews.


Democracy or loyalty to one man’s leadership…

One Führer and one captain chosen to command the ship?

The Nazis and the MAGAts pledged undying loyalty

To one man, not a constitution, just like royalty.


If people do not learn the lessons taught by history,

Then they may make the same mistakes, cause the same injury.

The parallels are clear; must we repeat past Nazi crimes?

Though history might not repeat, we know it often rhymes. (3)


  • The Master Race, (German, Herrenrasse) was a Nazi concept that the Nordic, Aryan race of humans was the pinnacle of humanity.  Slavs, Gypsies, and Jews were of lesser quality (Untermenschen), as were all the black Africans.  This was ultimately used to justify the Holocaust.
  • The Übermensch, (Superman) was a concept invented by Frederic Nietsche. This concept blended in easily with the idea of the Master Race. Such ideas justify treating black and brown folks as second class citizens.
  • “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” Mark Twain