May 20, Liars Lying  (parody to ‘Love and Marriage’)

May 20, Liars Lying  (1)


George is lying; George is lying;  (2)

His mendacity is stupefying.

Untruth his blood brother:

You don’t have one without the other.


Trump’s a liar, Trump’s a liar;

Spreading lies just like a forest fire.

Trump’s prevarications

All reek of bovine defecations.


Try, try, try to find the truth in what they’re saying.

Lie, lie, lie; wherever truth is, both are straying.


Fox News lying; Fox News lying,

Commentators are all truth defying,

You can pick the subject;

Whatever they may say, is suspect.


Try, try, try to find the truth in their delusions.

Lies, lies, lies, you’ll understand they’re all illusions.

MAGAt choirs, MAGAt choirs,

Singing hymns of praise for Trumpist liars.

Their disinformation,

Threatens the truth with decimation.


  • May be sung to Love and Marriage, a song by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn, recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1955. There are two versions which are slightly different on YouTube.
  • George Santos, (R) NY, not George Washington, who could not tell a lie.