October 25, Republicans and Democrats

October 25, Republicans and Democrats


Republicans and Democrats both think the other side

Will ruin “their” America, therefore must be denied

Control of any of the branches of the government.

For some, and mostly on the right, seditious sentiment.


Republicans, conservatives yearn for the “good old days,”

When mostly white men were in charge; no need to change those ways.

When ruled by Whites and Christians, everybody knew their place,

Access to power governed by religion, gender, race.


And in the good old days there was no national health care,

Security for retirees, tax funded, so beware,

Of creeping socialism, not our job to help the poor.

And we’re opposed to gun control; we’ll tolerate the gore.


That is the right wing vision; that is what must be conserved.

Our Destiny was Manifest; God’s will must be observed.

But Democrats don’t share that dream; they think democracy

Should mean equality for all from sea to shining sea.


“Our destiny, diversity,” that is the left wing theme.

“Skin tone and gender should not count;” they’ll actualize that dream.

Access to opportunity is everyone’s birthright.

It cannot be reserved for mostly males and mostly white.


The Democrats, rambunctious lot, all genders and all hues,

Do not seem too united when we hear them state their views.

They’re moderate, progressive, and all shades of in between:

The nature of democracy, a melting pot cuisine.


Fund Medicare for all, provide Social Security.

For Dems, such programs are mandated by morality.

We’re all in this together; they think of the common good,

The basis of their principles can’t be misunderstood.


Republicans and Democrats both fear the other might

Just ruin “their” America and both of them are right,

With different visions of what “their” America should be:

Theocracy-plutocracy or true democracy?