October 24, Subpoenas

October 24, Subpoenas


The Donald’s been getting subpoenas

Of civil and criminal genus.

He’s that kind of guy

Who won’t testify

Without some vice grips on his penis.


Smart money says he’s not complying;

His natural instinct—defying.

His lawyers plead, “No!

“Please, Donald, don’t go.

“Your other strong instinct is lying.”


Now Donald Trump is being tested,

By James, Willis, Cheney, molested. (1)

He’s held to account

By gals he can’t mount

And, who knows, might soon be arrested.


And now, Merrick Garland of Justice,

Says, “You must be patient and trust us.

“We know Trump’s a crook

“And we’ll throw the book

“He’s not Imperator Augustus.” (2)


As calls for his head rise in chorus,

Poor Donald Trump wallows in tsoris. (3)

With nightmares of hell,

Perhaps a jail cell,

Since he’s been abandoned by Horus? (4)


  • Letisha James, Attorney General of New York, Fani Willis, DA of Atlanta, Liz Cheney, R, member of the January 6th

(2) Imperator is the Latin word for “commander” and the root of the English words, “emperor” and “imperious.”  Augustus, nephew of Julius Caesar, was the first Roman emperor and was addressed as Imperator.

(3) Tsoris is a Yiddish word, meaning, “woe,” “misery,” “trouble,” etc.

(4) Horus was the Egyptian god of kingship.  The Pharaoh was often considered the embodiment of Horus.