November 3, Why Do We Decide What We Decide?

November 3, Why Do We Decide What We Decide?


The Donald tried to steal the last election.

He even broke some laws but still he failed.

Joe Biden won the race: no factual question.

The vexing question now: should Trump be jailed?


Trump’s MAGA loyalists are vote deniers:

Denials based on Donald Trump’s Big Lie.

Why are these people Donald Trump’s admirers?

The gullible make Trump’s lies multiply.


It is no wonder that some like the Liar.

There’s something in us that likes royalty.

We’ll be OK, if we’re not an outlier,

And give the sovereign total loyalty.


So—how do folks decide what they’re deciding?

And, why do we conclude what we conclude?

When facts and fantasy begin colliding,

What’s going on in brains that facts elude?


Well, fantasy is easier than reason;

Responsible democracy is hard.

Specifically, in this election season,

Disinformation spreads, so be on guard.


Defending faith or trusting more in science,

Are very well-known, human types of minds.

Defending faith may lead to frank defiance

Of true reality that science finds.


And, often our religions make us tribal.

One’s tribal membership makes some adhere,

To what they have been told is in the Bible,

Although contrary evidence is clear.


For some of us, the facts just do not matter.

Defending tribal faith determines all.

So, crazy candidates, mad as a hatter,

Still get their votes, as reason goes AWOL.