October 1, Give Donald a Break

October 1, Give Donald a Break


Determined to give the Donald a break,

Judge Cannon has ruled Judge Dearie can’t make

Poor Donald present him some evidence.

So Donald may eat and still have his cake.


Trump’s making wild claims without evidence.

Believers are crooks or crazy or dense.

Since Trump’s facing charges threatening jail,

Judge Cannon believes that he’s owed deference.


Now Trump faces huge fines or even jail,

Hurricane “Justice,” in which he must sail,

His lawyers drop out because he won’t pay,

They’ve learned not to buy, “The check’s in the mail.”


Trump’s lawyers have quit because he won’t pay;

(That’s Donald Trump practice, from day to day.)

Besides, they all know they don’t have a case

And dread every day what Donald might say.


Trump’s lawyers all know they don’t have a case.

The courts won’t accept what Trump sells his base.

Although Trump claims that all charges are fake,

New storm clouds gather at a record pace.


Donald Trump claims all this bad news is fake.

And justice gives him a bad stomach ache,

Since Trump just cannot keep his big mouth shut,

How long will Judge Cannon give him a break?