September 29, Hurricane Ian

September 29, Hurricane Ian


First, Ian blew through Florida at Category 4.

With wind and rain, storm surge and floods, they can’t take any more.

Now out in the Atlantic; Ian’s strengthening again;

Let’s ask if this intensity is wages for our sin.


For, we cause global warming as we burn up fossil fuels.

Right wingers won’t accept this fact: a stubborn herd of mules.

There’s coal and there’s petroleum, and even natural gas.

But Nature’s a tough grader; she will not give us a pass.


A hurricane derives its strength as ocean water warms.

The warmer that the waters are, the stronger are the storms.

The scientists are quite convinced; the data are quite strong.

Big money from oil companies still says the facts are wrong.


We’ll now find out what government thinks scientists are worth.

We’ve energy technology that will not cook the Earth.

There’s wind and solar power that can make “green” energy,

(And much more public transportation as a strategy.)


And, something else we must discuss, although reluctantly,

Is human overpopulation, (that means you and me.)

Since we cause global warming, then the more of us there are,

The more that we will cook the Earth, part of our repertoire.


‘Green energy’ technology as well as birth control,

Are mandatory strategies; they both must play a role.

Impediments, political: fact-based conclusions clear.

Our existential crisis for survival on this sphere.