October 2, The Faith of Ginni Thomas

October 2, The Faith of Ginni Thomas


Well, Hallelujah!  Ginni Thomas stuck with her belief

That Trump’s election has been stolen, oh, what a relief! (1)

For Donald Trump needs followers whose faith facts cannot shake,

An army that will hold the line, that truth’s assault can’t break.


Now Donald Trump sings Ginni’s praise at rallies far and wide.

And Ginni has assured us all that she does not confide

The details of seditious actions to her husband dear,

A Justice on our highest court, who must stay in the clear.


If you read Ginni’s history, she’s been in cults before.

Democracy is not her thing; there’s evidence galore.

She tends to follow strongmen, who will go against the grain,

Which should explain devotion to the Donald Trump campaign.


Though Donald Trump is comforted by Ginni’s strong support,

He shouldn’t get too comfortable, for her support’s import

Is…Donald’s faithful followers may have a few loose screws,

For which there’s other evidence, as seen on nightly news.


An autocrat must build his cult of personality.  (2)

Which usually comprises hyper-nationality,

Establishing “new order,” so could MAGA fill the bill?

Since Trump’s cult checks off every box, does that give you a chill?


Is it fair to list Ginni as a co-conspiritor,

Or, is it likely that she’s simply rowing with one oar?

It isn’t nice to say that but she has a law degree,

And should know what is legal and what’s not.  Do you agree?


  • Testimony to the January 6th Committee, September 29, 2022
  • See address by Dr. Ruth Ben-Ghiat, to Jews United for Democracy and Justice, September 28, 2022. Ben-Ghiat is a Professor at New York University and a specialist in the study of fascism.