October 3, Had Enough Yet?

October 3, Had Enough Yet?


Have climate change deniers had enough?

They’ve seen that Mother Nature’s playing rough,

As global warming makes the oceans boil,

She’s telling us: “Stop burning coal and oil!”


The evidence is strong, the data clear.

Our punishment for burning oil is here.

Storms coming just once in a century,

Come every year, their cause no mystery.


Vaccine resisters die and can’t deny

Their Covid death rate is ten times as high.

Once more the data are clear as a bell.

Resisters just prolong pandemic hell.


Denying science: climate or disease,

Routinely part of Donald’s standard sleaze:

Republicans now earn most of the blame;

They’re clearly costing lives in “freedom’s” name.


Opposing science, now democracy:

Republicans fight for plutocracy

And laws depending on theology,

Like medieval, church-state synergy.


Democracy is on the line this Fall

And education, they’ll attack it all.

Restricting votes, determining who won,

And they won’t stop ‘til we’ve been cooked, “well done.”