October 5, Herschel Walker

October 5, Herschel Walker


Since Herschel Walker, football star, has spread his sperm around,

The Daily Beast reported extra children have been found.  (1)

He’s paid for an abortion; they’ve produced the cancelled check.

And when he talks he sounds like he’s not using a full deck.


Since Walker, a Republican, now seeks a Senate seat,

He’s now against abortion, a requirement he must meet.

And he has also used a gun in threatening his wife,

Which should upset some voters, since he now claims he’s “pro life.”


But do we see Republicans recoiling at these facts?

So far, none have proposed to give their candidate the axe.

Though backing Herschel is exposing frank obduracy,

Republicans seem comfortable with such hypocrisy.


A candidate with brains of stone is common on the right.

And even child molesters, often insufficient blight.  (2)

They don’t have to be competent or ethical.  What’s that?

The only thing that counts is not to be a Democrat.


Republicans, in confidence, will call their voters, “dumb.”

And that means there’s no limit to the depths that they can plumb.

The ranks of their officials have been filling up with schmucks.

The voters aren’t disturbed with one more candidate that sucks.


Though Reverend Warnock’s good and smart and Herschel Walker’s not,

Those attributes don’t matter; no more data need be sought.

Republicans back Walker; all good folks are stupified.

He calls himself a Christian but is he misclassified?


So, extra women, extra kids, abortion, sorta dumb,

Poor education, hypocrite, home violence, in sum,

He’s totally unqualified, but not a Democrat,

Which is the greatest evil and there’s no forgiving that.


  • The Daily Beast reported this on October 3, 2022. They have subsequently expanded their article with further facts.  Walker denies everything.
  • Roy Moore was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. In 2017, he ran for the Senate and was creditably accused by several women of sexual assault when they were as young as 14.  Mitch McConnell urged Moore to drop out of the race.  Donald Trump endorsed him.  Moore subsequently lost the special election to Doug Jones, a Democrat, of all things.