October 7, Putin and MBS

October 7, Putin and MBS


We have another reason to get off of fossil fuels,

Besides the global warming, they are now extortion tools.

The Saudis and the Russkies now use them to squeeze us all;

They’re cutting back production to pump prices up this fall.


That chills the Europeans, who depend on Russian gas

To heat their homes in winter and we lack excess to pass.

With higher oil prices, then inflation goes back up.

We lack enough alternatives to use as a backup.


Vlad Putin’s a no-goodnik; anyone with eyes can see.

The Saudis are our allies?  Well, you could have fooled me.

Vlad Putin threatens atom bombs he’ll use on the Ukraine.

The Saudis care for nothing but to make cash fall like rain.


Both Vladimir and MBS have their opponents killed:

Falls from high windows, butchery: their operatives quite skilled.

There’s nothing that these two won’t do to maintain their control.

To dominate the planet is a fervent, wished-for goal.


They’re driving down the oil supply to drive up the expense

Of all the allies helping in Ukrainian defense.

Perhaps an added benefit of squeezing oil supply,

These two might get their Donald back; (he’s easier to buy.)


Then Russia would get Ukraine “back,” while Saudi profits soar,

Trump tower rise in Moscow, Putin’s pad on its top floor.

And added wages for their sins: the autocrats will grin,

When Kim Jong-un and Donald can be lovers once again.