October 9, Republican Agenda

October 9, Republican Agenda


Republicans don’t give a damn about democracy,

Or family values or abortion or hypocrisy.

Republicans just covet power; power floats their boats.

Their candidates say anything; their base gives them their votes.


With blacks and browns and immigrants and women on a roll,

It seems white male supremacy is losing its control.

What used to be the birthright of all males with pale, white skin,

Is slowly disappearing and may not return again.


Republicans have no agenda but maintaining power.

Democracy, a threat to that, can’t be allowed to flower.

If every citizen can vote, Republicans will lose;

Suppressing votes and gerrymandering, what they must use.


Now women, pesky women, are asserting it’s their right

To choose if they want to give birth; they’ve shown that they will fight.

Republicans say, “Bear that child, if you want to or not.”

“And rape and incest, no big deal, for we see that a lot.”


The liars and incompetents, if followed by an “R,”

Are just fine as their candidates today; that’s how things are.

And they can have the intellect of Herschel Walker too.

If they can’t win with jerks like that, they’ll try another coup.


Hypocrisy, dishonesty: they’re playing to their strengths.

The candidates they’re fielding show they’ll go to any lengths.

Their campaigns based on Trump’s Big Lie and new lies of their own,

Their candidates all want to act like they’re the Donald’s clone.


Oh, woe, for their philosophy: white male supremacy,

Is threatened by the Democrats and by democracy.

It’s power that they stand for and it’s power they’ll abuse.

And just to be traditional, they’ll now abuse the Jews.