November 29, Dinner with Bigots

November 29, Dinner with Bigots


Nick Fuentes, Nick Fuentes, an uber-bigot mind.

Though Trump did not know who you are, the two of you just dined.

You don’t like blacks; you don’t like Jews; democracy’s passe’.

Because you hold these views, you get to eat with Trump and Ye.


You tout Trump for dictatorship; he claims to not know you.

Did Ye bring you to dinner since he knows you share Trump’s view?

You don’t think women ought to vote; what does Trump think of that?

You’re basically as crazy as the guano from a bat.


Are you getting any, Nick?  Was it free or have you paid?

Your attitudes on women might suggest you’re still unlaid.

But Donald Trump and Ye like you; Trump said, “This guy gets me!”

Democracy, for all of you, your common enemy.


So, Nick Fuentes, anti Semite: Trump won’t disavow.

And Nick Fuentes, racial bigot: Trump will still allow.

And even the misogynist, Trump’s happy to admit:

All welcome to come dine with him, since you like Trump’s bullshit.


Republican lawmakers know they need their bigot base.

So when Trump dines with bigots, it’s a problem they must face.

They calculate what they should say until they see see a poll.

They can’t offend their voters; re-election is their goal.


So, Trump is courting bigots but are they enough to win?

He’s courted them for several years, with different types of spin.

They’ve made Trump a kingmaker, if they haven’t made him king.

He still controls the GOP; they all must kiss his ring.  (1)


  • Or other, more ample parts of his anatomy.