December 1, Republican Autopsy

December 1, Republican Autopsy


Republicans, wondering what has gone wrong,

Ask, “Why are the voters not singing our song?”

Misogyny, racism, and the Big Lie

Once worked for the Donald but that well ran dry.


Should women decide if they’ll give birth or not,

Or state legislatures?  The issue is hot.

Red state legislatures have made clear their goal:

Their right wing religion should now take control.


All non-whites and women should now know their place,

For God has elected one gender, one race

Through Manifest Destiny, to rule the land,

With just a few setbacks, like Custer’s Last Stand.


If they lose elections, they’ll say they have won.

They’ll stall in the courts just like Donald has done.

Elections are fine, although if they don’t win

Then they may revolt; they have lots of armed men.


Ten years ago, they did not learn a damn thing. (1)

Their autopsy then showed the bullshit they sling

Just did not appeal to all those who could vote.

But then they changed nothing, their boat still won’t float.


More voter suppression?  They will try that first.

One more insurrection?  Now they have rehearsed.

Though Hitler did time after his beer hall stunt, (2)

Nine years later he won, so they will not punt. (3)


Misogyny, racism and the Big Lie

Are all that they stand for, they’ll “let the dice fly…” (4)

Now the Rubicon’s crossed and democracy

May have to give way to an autocracy.


  • The findings and recommendations from the Republican autopsy, after their loss in 2012, were largely ignored.
  • The “Beer Hall Putsch” in Munich in November, 1923.
  • Hitler was made Chancellor in 1932, though his Nazi Party won only 38.5% of the vote.
  • Whether Caesar said, “The die is cast,” or “Let the dice fly,” as he crossed the Rubicon with his legions, is debated by scholars. It was his ambition to be made dictator ()  There were objections in the Senate.