December 7, Guilty of Fraud  (An ode to December 6, 2022)

December 7, Guilty of Fraud  (An ode to December 6, 2022)


The Donald’s New York businesses are guilty of tax fraud.

Conviction on every count tarnished QAnon’s god.

The jury took only ten hours, then came back and announced,

“Guilty,” on seventeen counts, their verdict gravely pronounced.


Undoubtedly Trump will appeal, that’s Donald’s standard style.

The case against him: airtight; no jury left to beguile.

The penalty is a “small” fine, just a million point six.

Opprobrium is much worse; Donald still in quite a fix.


How can Trump get a loan, when known for not paying his bills?

Will Trump get gastric distress, swallowing these bitter pills,

Or substernal pain from reflux, hemorrhoids leak some blood,

Or gut which Trump used to trust, gush a malodorous flood?


Is Trump’s brand a sinking ship?  (Many more trials on tap.)

Some charges are criminal; Trump’s brand may be sold for scrap.

And Trump’s a loser again; Warnock beat Trump’s candidate.

So Walker walks back to Texas, (that’s his current home state.)


Senator Warnock won, for Walker was unqualified.

But he got near half of the votes; our species can’t take pride.

Some labeled Herschel, “buffoon,” then went on to vote for him,

Thinking all Democrats worse than one whose brain power is dim.


Today America won, a day Donald Trump lost twice.

Is Trump starting to pay for decades of swimming in vice?

We can relax just a bit but think how close Walker came.

Smarter Trumps will come along; lots of time’s left in the game. (1)


  • Note added in proof.

More “secret” papers have been found in storage in Palm Beach.

Jack Smith, the Special Counsel, just uncovered one more breach.

Did Trump lie to his lawyers or did they lie to the Feds?

In either case, they broke the law; his lawyers, dunderheads.


The Feds are telling us, there are still missing documents.

So, where are they? Who has them?  Perhaps foreign governments?

And why did Donald have them?  Just a kid who yells, “Mine!  Mine?”

Could he have lost them, sold them?  Both merit more than a fine.