November 27, Meditation

November 27, Meditation


I watch the western sun sink slowly to the sea.

The last time I shall watch, nobody can foresee. (1)

We’re dropped into spacetime; we come and then we go,

On our pinhead of blue in this huge galaxy.


A bang, inflation, time: then stars began to glow.

Then ‘round stars like our sun, we’ve seen more planets grow.

Our telescopes have found a few like our blue ball.

So, is our life unique?  If not, how might we know?


Is there a plan by a mind watching over all?

When things aren’t going well, is there someone to call?

Or did life start on Earth from unplanned randomness?

Will I know when I go?  The chances are quite small.


Must I make my own way?  Right now, that’s my best guess.

But I am aware, I might need to reassess.

It’s now clear to me, things won’t always go my way.

And mostly I’m aware that I cause my own mess.


So, as I watch the sun begin to end the day,

My thoughts will often stray to hoping it will stay.

I sometimes even pray to push it up again.

But how can one hold time?  It always slips away.


The movement of the sun can’t be controlled by men.

Like King Canute and tides, the laws of Nature win. (2)

I’m thankful nonetheless because I’ve had this time,

With shelter, food, and love, the best it could have been.


  • Unless a judge tells you.
  • King Canute (Cnut) was king of England, Denmark, and Norway until 1035. One legend about him was that he tried to command the incoming tide to stop.  He got wet.