November 16, The Odyssey of the Donald

November 16, The Odyssey of the Donald


First, grabbing pussy, then Helsinki,

Charlottesville, and then 1-6.

The Donald’s record; ugly stinky,

For the Trump base, no conflicts.


Now Donald’s cost one more election,

GOPers thought they’d win;

Fox News has softened its erection;

They may not back Trump again.


When morals, ethics do not matter

And you’re comfortable with lies,

You’ve built a wall that’s tough to shatter,

Facts don’t matter, we surmise.


You’ve shown a preference for liars,

QAnon, and autocrats,

Truth defying vote deniers,

And you hate the Democrats.


But Donald’s proven he’s a loser,

Never won the total vote.

A narcissist, female abuser,

Long past time for “all she wrote.”


Democracy needs strong supporters,

Those who value competence.

Democracy needs informed voters,

Not just mental indolence.


Soon Donald Trump will face indictment,

Justice biting at his back.

And not just for his clear incitement,

Of the 1-6 failed attack.


Trump’s list of crimes is ever growing;

He will bluster, lie, and bluff.

A septic tank that’s overflowing,

Trumpists, isn’t this enough?