November 17, An Announcement

November 17, An Announcement


“Florida Man Makes an Announcement,”

(Page twenty six, New York Post.)

Dismissive tone, almost denouncement,

Now we wait for Trump’s riposte.


Some folks in “the room where it happened,” (1)

Tried to leave but weren’t allowed. (2)

A boring speech, their moods were dampened,

But Trump needs a big, loud crowd.


This last election, Trump, “The Loser’s”

Influence was not so great.

Loyal election fraud accusers

Lie defeated and prostrate.


A charlatan facing indictment,

Says he’s running once again.

His speech did not create excitement,

Big donors bailed, to his chagrin.


There’s not much Trump enthusiasm.

He’s an insurrectionist.

And even Fox had no orgasm;

They’ve tired of this narcissist.


Will Donald shoot a double bogey,

After just once shooting par,

And lose to Biden, that old fogey,

And get one more battle scar?


He seeks the office that he sullied,

And proved woefully unfit.

The nation’s voters, who were bullied,

Still could recognize bullshit.


The man from Florida is seeking

His old job at which he failed.

The slime in which he stands is reeking.

Now, stay tuned, he might be jailed.


  • Apologies to Lin Manuel Miranda and “Hamilton.”
  • ABC News report, November 16.