November 12, Dump Trump?

November 12, Dump Trump?


Republicans are dumping Trump

Because he’s losing votes.

The losing Trumpists on the stump,

Becoming his scapegoats.


Trump’s insurrection, not so bad,

So, they gave him a pass.

But losing votes, that makes them mad,

Now some won’t kiss his ass.


America is browner and

More feminized today.

Non-white, non-male, they all demand

To have egalite’.


And now, unmarried women vex

Republicans as well.

Their lack of need for men, complex.

Poor incels wail in hell.  (1)


Since change is Mother Nature’s way

(Read your biology.)

Could it be time for us to play

The white males’ elegy?


As Donald and his MAGAts rage;

Conservatives agree,

They do not want to turn the page

To modern history.


Since changes happen all the time,

(We should have learned in school.)

And without rhythm, without rhyme,

Variety’s the rule.


Republicans can’t stay alive

By making voting hard.

Perhaps their species won’t survive,

“Hoist by their own petard.”  (2)


  • Incel, a relatively recent term, referring to involuntarily celibate men.
  • See William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 4. The phrase means getting blown up (hoist) by your own bomb (petard.)