November 11, Advertising Money

November 11, Advertising Money


Seventeen billion dollars advertising politics:

Those bucks had very little bang; they barely changed the mix

Of Democrats, Republicans, who’ll serve in Congress next,

The Senate, probably no change; the pundits were perplexed.


Inflation was an issue, although not Joe Biden’s fault.

Most voters did not think about the Russian’s cruel assault,

Or Covid and supply chains or price gouging industries,

Although they all contributed to world-wide miseries.


When voters cite inflation, most don’t know the “how” or “why.”

Whoever holds the power, they vote for the other guy.

Crime and illegal immigration, pretty much the same:

Whoever is in office might get tossed out of the game.


Abortion was an issue and our country is pro-choice.

A dumb Supreme Court ruling made our women raise their voice.

Crime rates, always an issue, (and in Red States very high,)

So, when one blames the Democrats, that clearly is a lie.


In California, propositions spent a lot of dough,

Influencing the voters, so one point of view would grow.

For Congress though, the most important: gerrymandering.

That had a whole lot more effect than costly pandering.


Of course, the Trumpist insurrection hurt Republicans;

The TV images served as a thousand smoking guns.

Democracy was on the line, a danger we could feel.

The price of gas, viewed in this light, was not as big a deal.


Do voters pay attention to the plans and remedies

That candidates advance?  No, it is mostly “Rs” and Ds.”

For people will stay loyal to the tribe they call their own;

Analysis of complex issues makes most voters groan.


For all the billions we just spent, now very little’s changed.

Who benefited? Advertisers.  That is just deranged.

For not much change in government, our huge ad industry,

Just made a lot of profit.  Does that look like robbery?