November 10, Don and Ron

November 10, Don and Ron


Trump and DeSantis will start playing poker

Showing which one is the more evil joker,

Both running for president in ‘twenty four,

Donald’s first term was below mediocre,

DeSantis, though smarter, shares Trump’s rotten core.


The game that they play will soon involve stripping

Both of their pretense; ‘til they’ll skinny dipping.

We’ll see would-be emperors stripped of their clothes,

Scams all exposed with pretentious slime dripping,

With cleanup requiring a huge fire hose.


Trump’s well-known mostly to be the “Big Liar,”

With his MAGA corps, a faithful church choir.

DeSantis curbs free speech to show that he’s mean.

No one may say, “gay;” they’re risking Ron’s ire.

For both, truth means nothing, from all we have seen.


Both men have proven they’re quite a campaigner.

Issues be damned; for both that’s a no-brainer.

They campaign by lying and personal smears,

To show us who’s vainer and who’s insaner.

Perhaps such a campaign could end both careers.


Governing wisely or just having power?

Leading the people or making them cower?

All Ron and Don want is to be in control.

Will they fertilize fascism to flower?

Like Orban in Hungary, both want the role.