May 8, Trump’s Defense

May 8, Trump’s Defense


Trump says men have been “grabbing pussy” for a million years. (1)

That’s something that “stars” get to do; at least it so appears.

Is Donald Trump a “star” himself?  He says, “You could say that.”

In his mind, he’s entitled, a self-made aristocrat.


Let’s do some evolutionary anthropology.

How long have “stars” “grabbed pussy,” and without apology?

A million years ago the modern “man” had not evolved.

If not, who did the raping then; what species was involved?


The fossils we’ve uncovered give this hominin a name. (2)

The ancestor of all of us, this fossil bears the blame.

We call him H. erectus; walked on two legs, smaller brain. (3)

Are Donald Trump’s erections reminiscent of this strain?


Next Homo sapiens, a hundred thousand years ago (4)

Came walking out of Africa and wandered to and fro.

Mixed with Neanderthals up in the north and east and west.

Their offspring have spread ‘round the world; their blend survived the best.


But were they “pussy grabbers?”  That’s what Donald claims today.

They interbred a lot, as we have found in DNA. (5)

So, what went on ‘twixt troglodytes, in breaks from painting caves?

Were there some “stars” in cave men, treating women like their slaves?


Cro Magnon and Neanderthal, Erectus their granddad: (6)

The fact that we’re all here suggests their mixing wasn’t bad.

Does Donald Trump remind us of ancestors of the past?

And maybe that the age of cavemen hasn’t really passed?


  • Donald Trump’s deposition in the E. Jean Carroll rape and defamation case.
  • “Hominin” is the term used to signify a fossil thought to be our direct ancestor.
  • erectus: Homo erectus, a species that stood fully erect but had a smaller brain than modern Homo sapiens.
  • Perhaps closer to 70,000 years ago. Erectus was thought to have migrated out of Africa about two million years ago.  Neanderthals may have evolved from erectus in Eurasia, some 2-300,000 years ago.
  • Thanks to Svante Paabo, who sequenced Neanderthal DNA, we know that Cro Magnon (early H. sapiens) interbred in Eurasia.
  • It seems that the ancestors of Cro Magnon remained in Africa longer than the ancestors of Neanderthal. They did not interbreed until Cro Magnon migrated up and out of Africa and encountered the Neanderthals.  Europeans and Asians show this mixture; Africans have hardly any Neanderthal DNA.