May 10, The Chickens Come Home to Roost

May 10, The Chickens Come Home to Roost


Some of Trump’s chickens have come home to roost,

Called by testosterone Donald produced.

When Trump put the “cock” in, “cock a doodle doo,”

The sun rose and light shone and payment came due.


But Donald keeps crowing; he can’t help himself.

A narcissist can’t stand to be on the shelf.

He shoots off his mouth; no regard for the truth;

For lawyers, Trump aches like a carious tooth.


Is Donald entitled to just cop a feel?

It seems that he thinks that is part of the deal

For roosters regarding themselves as a star;

Instead of a star, Donald is a bête noire.


Will losing to Carroll make Trump detumesce?

Or will Trump continue to grope and transgress?

Republicans have to examine their souls,

As Donald gets cooked by hellfire’s glowing coals.


The first of Trump’s chickens has come home to roost.

The problems that Trump has are all self-induced.

The rooster now faces the ax and the pot,

The water pre-heating and soon boiling hot.


More civil and criminal court cases loom.

As federal and state AGs lower the boom.

The first time in Trump’s life he’s held to account

Was started by ladies that he tried to mount.