May 7, Mass Shooters

May 7, Mass Shooters


As mass shooters go on with their killing,

The Republicans watch the blood spilling,

But won’t regulate guns,

Saving daughters and sons.

They’re remaining steadfastly unwilling.


With guns killing both kids and tax payers,

The Republicans send thoughts and prayers

Which tells us they won’t act;

It’s like they’ve made a pact

To preserve the firearms of the slayers.


When we hear their response, there’s a lesson;

The Republicans love Smith and Wesson.

It’s guns that are valued

While lives are devalued,

And mass murder won’t make their love lessen.


Now the AR 15 is their idol.

But its story’s no Tennyson idyll.

On its altar a flood

Of American blood,

Shows society is fratricidal.


Guns give some folks an ethical spasm;

Frankly, firearms give some an orgasm.

Then what has to be done

To this idol, the gun?

It is time for frank iconoclasm.


It’s too easy to be homicidal.

To stop killing, we must smash this idol.

Owning weapons of war

Just means more blood and gore.

Intervention by voters is vital.


We can only stop killing by voting;

Which means some Congressmen need demoting.

As they flap their right wing;

(Some belong in Sing Sing.)

It is mass murder they are promoting.