May 6, God Save The King (parody to the real ‘God Save The King’ or ‘My Country Tis of Thee in the US)

May 6, God Save The King (1)



We’ve crowned His Majesty.

God Save The King!

And crowned his Queen Consort,

The Church was a good sport,

A compromise of last resort.

God Save The King!


Finances in the dump,

They can’t blame that on Trump.

God Save The King!

Covid 19 swept through;

And there is Brexit, too,

Whatever can a monarch do?

God Save The King!


Elizabeth interred,

Now we have Charles, The Third.

God Save The King!


Charles, The First lost his head;

The second overbred;

Some fourteen bastards from his bed,

God Save The King!


Here comes modernity,

A threat to royalty;

God Save The King!

The world is changing fast;

Will this tradition last,

A figurehead whose time has passed?

God Save The King!


  • Sing to, “God Save The King,” better known in this country as, “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.” The author of the words and composer of the melody are subjects of scholarly dispute.  The tune is widely known in many countries and often used to praise the monarchy or nation.