May 5, Justice for Trump (parody to ‘Mexican Hat Dance’)

May 5, Justice for Trump (parody to ‘Mexican Hat Dance’)


Did Donald wet his pantalones?

Did Garland just squeeze his cojones? (2)

The Proud Boys were charged with sedition

And Garland just got a conviction.


The Feds say that Donald conspired

When voters told him he’s retired.

They further say Trump was seditious,

And made the 1-6 crowd malicious.


On trial for raping Jean Carroll,

Descriptions of Trump, sounding feral,

With more accusations

Of ejaculations

When not in court, Donald will swear,

“It’s not fair,

“I declare,

“It’s all lies because I wasn’t there.”


So, what will be Trump’s next indictment?

Perhaps for the 1-6 incitement?

Or screwing with Georgia’s election?

And either will wilt Trump’s erection.


Tish James in New York’s also suing (3)

For financial crimes Trump’s been doing.

If she wins, she’ll cost Trump big money

Which makes Donald’s sphincters get runny.


So, when Donald Trump is on trial,

For actions most heinous and vile,

If he gets convicted,

His freedom restricted,

Then all of the liberals will smile.

“It is fair.”

They’ll declare.

“It’s all sleaze and crime when Donald’s there.”


If Jack Smith and his Federales

Wrap Trump up like they wrap tamales,


When he goes before the juzgado, (4)

They’ll fry him like they fry pescado. (5)


  • May be sung to the tune of “The Mexican Hat Dance,” as modified by Alan Sherman.
  • Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States.
  • Letitia James, Attorney General of New York State.
  • Juzgado, a panel of judges.
  • Pescado, fish.