May 3, Supreme Court Ethics

 May 3, Supreme Court Ethics


Our highest court needs ethics rules, some justices have shown.

Their private improprieties make legal scholars groan.

Conservatives like Thomas, Gorsuch, Roberts, have some deals

Where rich folks might influence them, when hearing their appeals.


The star is Clarence Thomas, for his failure to report

A billionaire who’s courting him with gifts of every sort.

He bought his house and paid for lavish trips on ships and planes,

Which all went unreported: “Didn’t have to,” he explains.


And then, there’s Ginni Thomas, who’s become a right wing star,

Paid money for consulting, Trump’s Big Lie is her lodestar.

“We don’t discuss these things at home,” we’ve heard the couple claim,

Though Ginni’s often front page news, eclipsing hubby’s fame.


Now Neil Gorsuch holds the seat that Mitch McConnell stole.

His rulings are predictable, which was the right wing goal.

A law firm bought some land from him then came before his court.

He’s favored them at eight to four: good deal for them, in short.


Chief Justice Roberts has a wife who’s made ten million bucks

Recruiting for top law firms, which some ethicists say sucks.

Since some of these have cases that appear before John’s court,

Did that amount buy influence?  Is Roberts a good sport?


The Federalist Society maintains lists that they use

To give to Presidents for Justices that they should choose

To put on the Supreme Court to assure right wing decrees,

As Donald Trump did, putting forward his three nominees.


So, does the Court need ethics rules?  The liberals all say, “Yes!”

We’ve let the Court police itself, which left the current mess.

Conservatives defend the Court and don’t want any rules.

For ethics do not matter if the Court stays right wing tools.