May 1, The White House Correspondents Dinner

May 1, The White House Correspondents Dinner


The White House Correspondents Dinner is held every year.

Good food, good wine, good conversation, and of course, good cheer.

Good speeches and good humor: to be thin-skinned will not do.

The president roasts certain folks; the emcee roasts him, too.


Republicans and Democrats are skewered for their flaws.

Republicans are easier; those jokes get loud applause.

The emcee, Roy Woods, Jr., spared nobody with his wit.

And even Justice Clarence Thomas got a taste of it.


Now Justice Thomas has become the darling of the Right.

But lately he’s come under fire, ignoring what is right,

For not reporting lavish trips and gifts from Harlan Crow,

A billionaire Republican, with favors to bestow.


Is Clarence Thomas in his pocket, Harlan’s NFT?    (1)

A token justice, bought and paid for, Harlan’s devotee?

And then, of course, there’s Tucker Carlson, just kicked out of Fox;

He’ll have to find a new field for the fleecing of his flocks.


Joe Biden’s age produced a little bit of humor, too.

He wants to work ‘til eighty six; the French, just sixty two.

In Russia, we should note, you can’t ask Putin to retire,

If you tell jokes about “the czar,” you’re risking fatal ire.


And Donald Trump did not attend when he was president.

His ego is too fragile so that was no accident.

Like Putin, Orban, Erdogan, and others of that sort,

Trump could not take a joke; that’s where all dictators fall short.


The Correspondents Dinner proves each year our press is free.

A toxic side effect is Fox and their skullduggery.

Our freedom of the press helps to assure democracy.

The press is never free in countries with autocracy.


  • An NFT is a “non fungible token” confirming ownership of something. Look it up.