May 31, Convicted and Unglued

Now Donald Trump has come unglued,
Convicted for the gals he screwed
And the hush money that he paid,
To hide his moral turpitude.

It started with Trump getting laid;
The big mistake that Donald made
Was running to be President,
Which meant his past would be surveyed.

Since Donald Trump was prurient,
And business also fraudulent,
With such activities exposed,
He ran afoul of government.

Although all cases are not closed,
This time, the Donald’s really hosed.
His business records, falsified,
Found guilty when all was disclosed.

We know that Trump has lied and lied.
Convicted, now will he be fried?
The jury was unanimous
But Trump’s not yet detumified.

Behavior has been scandalous,
His ranting has been scurrilous.
There’s no contrition, none at all.
His speech was downright libelous.

Conviction did not cast a pall.
His MAGAts stay in Donald’s thrall,
But our historians will ask,
Was this the start of Donald’s Fall? (1)

(1) The Biblical Fall. See Genesis, Chapter 3, Adam and Eve are expelled from the Garden of Eden (because of the actions of a woman who was deceived by a snake.)