June 1, Convicted Crook

A twice impeached, four times indicted, and convicted crook,
Disgraceful womanizer, business fraud, Trump wrote the book.
He used to be the president, but when Joe Biden won,
Trump charged the vote was stolen, which nobody else has done.

Today, the Trumpist GOP seems mentally diseased.
They kowtow down at Donald’s feet and hope that he’s appeased.
Though Donald is delusional they gladly go along,
And they will sing his crazy songs all day and all night long.

While swimming in his sewer, Donald claims the smell is sweet.
High-ranking GOPers all repeat his every tweet.
The Trump delusional pandemic, just like Covid death,
Is spreading and could lead to our democracy’s last breath.

Blue suits, red ties, their uniforms, as they recite his creed.
In Congress, they will only pass what Donald has decreed.
Attacking courts, attacking judges, Trump’s above the law.
A crisis for democracy, a punch right on the jaw.

Joe Biden’s old but competent while Trump can only rail.
Now, jail’s Trump’s principal concern, though he’s still out on bail.
Can Donald govern wisely while he carries out revenge?
Has he become a door that’s swinging on a single hinge?

The Cult of Trump is spreading; more Republicans succumb.
Abandoning democracy, they join the MAGAt scrum.
Trump says the real verdict will come on Election Day.
Let’s hope instead, that voters make it Cult Rejection Day.

So, gird your loins, for if Trump wins or loses, he’ll raise hell.
He’ll prosecute opponents or his Trumpists will rebel.
Can we repair a nation threatened by the Trump disease?
It spreads by thought, not like the plague, requiring rats and fleas.