June 2, Trump’s Craziness

When Donald Trump hallucinates, his loyal Trumpists cheer,
Accepting his delusions, which make his dementia clear.
When Donald speaks word salad, Trumpists think that he makes sense.
Does this mean they’re as nuts as him or just that they are dense?

Our Trumpist politicians check their ethics at the door;
Repeating lies, hypocrisy pours out of every pore.
Those who called Trump, “immoral, liar,” in 2016,
Have now become his sycophants, souls rotten with gangrene.

Pence used to be chief sycophant, but he has had enough.
And now that Pence must be replaced, the competition’s rough.
Competitors, however, face this possibility;
If they lose, they’ll be unemployed, that’s just reality.

And, what about the super-rich who say they’re backing Trump?
They’ve made a pile of dough with Joe, so why would these guys jump
To Donald? For a tax break? Is there no end to their greed?
There is some German history that such folks ought to read.

How to combat insanity: the problem we must face.
About a third of us seem nuts and lots are in Trump’s base.
It’s getting downright dangerous. Will nut jobs hatch a plot
Involving riots, bombs, and guns? Will some poor judge get shot?

Republicans in House and Senate grovel at Trump’s feet.
Though they know better, there’s no Trumpist lie they won’t repeat.
Democracy is trembling, the justice system, too.
And it’s all due to Trump’s delusions, none of which are true.

We know that Trump’s promiscuous in choosing whom to mount.
But Donald and his pecker have now been held to account.
He’s at a loss for what to do; we hear him rant and rave.
Will Donald’s retribution dump our country in its grave?

Trump’s craziness is obvious, believing him, the same.
Support a crazy criminal? We’ve just ourselves to blame.
It means that we are crazy too; democracy may die.
And, if it does, it means that we have voted for a lie.