June 5, Trumpist Embarrassment

It must be so embarrassing to be a Trumpist now.
Their candidate’s a criminal, they’re loyal anyhow.
He’s so sick as a narcissist, you’d think he wrote the book.
So ask yourself, “What’s wrong with them? Why do they back this crook?”

The Trumpists of the GOP are forced to back his lies.
They must humiliate themselves, a state they should despise.
They had to kill a border bill, which they all thought was strong.
Such loyalty’s irrational, yet they must go along.

Humiliation daily is the Trumpist’s lot in life.
There’s no relief; their leader’s world view: never ending strife.
Trump makes a statement; then claims what he said he didn’t say.
And Trumpists must support such lies and must remain blasé.

And, when you bow down to the Don and swear your fealty,
He’ll use you ‘til he’s through with you, just one-way loyalty,
Like Cohen, Giuliani, and of course, there’s poor Mike Pence,
Their lives destroyed for Donald: he calls that just recompense.

Some Trumpists aren’t embarrassed; could this group be just like him?
Or maybe their intelligence is glowing rather dim.
Dishonesty, stupidity, it could be one or both,
Both ethics and intelligence, in dire need of growth.

So, when someone’s a Trumpist, just what is their malady?
And, once we’ve made a diagnosis, what’s the remedy?
For some are rotten, some confused; it’s not a simple case.
Pathologies are complex to explain the Trumpist base.