June 9, Crime and Punishment

We know that Donald Trump’s a crook,
As lots of courts affirm.
Now, will Judge Merchan “throw the book?”
Does that make Trumpists squirm?
We know that Donald’s not contrite
For all the crimes he’s done.
Instead, he says that he will fight.
That’s clear to everyone.

We listen to Trump rant and rave,
Unhinged by his defeat.
Can Donald be taught to behave
And not to lie and cheat?
If Donald is beyond reform,
No kind of punishment
Will teach the Donald to conform.
That should be evident.

How can Trump be held to account
For all his felonies?
There are too many to discount:
Fraud and grand larcenies.
Conviction clearly warranted,
Does Trump belong in jail?
If we let Donald’s sickness spread;
Democracy may fail.

Will Trump respond to punishment?
(Not a good candidate.)
So far, he’s staying truculent,
A chronic reprobate.
Could Donald be compelled to work
In a soup-line somewhere?
Would such a sentence for this jerk
Teach him to serve and care?

Alternatives: first, prison time,
That would cramp Donald’s style.
Not common for this type of crime,
Perhaps a desert isle?
The country would be better off
Were Donald not around,
No servants there to do his coif,
Could such a place be found?

To rant and rave without dissent,
Just rocks and trees to hear.
No place, no crowd for each event,
Nobody there to cheer.
Alone, this self-important man,
Lord of all he surveyed,
Although without a single fan,
A narcissist dismayed.