May 30, Pecker Tracks

The jury now deliberates to trace Trump’s pecker tracks…
What Cohen said and David Pecker’s testimony backs.
First, Pecker, Mike, and Donald met back in twenty fifteen,
To plan to help Trump win his race. Some scandals were foreseen.

They knew that there’d be ladies’ tales since Donald liked to screw.
Who must they pay to shut her mouth? They got it down to two.
A Playmate and a porn star were the two the plotters chose
To pay to help the Trump campaign, the written record shows.

The Donald’s “peckerdillos” were a liability, (1)
They threatened Donald Trump’s campaign and now, his liberty.
The plot of their conspiracy required committing crimes,
The usual disrespect for law that Donald daily slimes.

To cover Donald’s pecker tracks, his books were falsified.
That was the first of many crimes for which Trump’s being tried.
The facts of this case seem quite clear: can Donald wriggle out?
It might depend on just one juror thinking there is doubt.

Trump says the whole thing has been rigged; the judge is biased, too.
If you look at his rulings, though, it’s clear that isn’t true.
Throughout the trial, Trump’s defense has just blown lots of smoke
Without a story of their own, they search for holes to poke.

The problem for the Trump defense is there’s a paper trail
That documents Trump’s pecker tracks, which might land him in jail.
It’s logical to think so, if the facts are understood.
Trump’s trial wouldn’t happen if he only had been good.

(1) From “peccadilloes,” small, relatively important sins. I couldn’t resist the pun.