May 27, Margie Greene, R, Georgia

Of all the Georgia peaches, Margie Greene is just the pits.
The things she says should make us ask, “Is her brain on the fritz?”
So, is she crazy, is she dumb, or did she calculate
It’s wise for her to choose the Donald’s ass to osculate?

The press notes the Republicans who “kneel and kiss the ring.”
(By “ring,” they mean Trump’s anal ring but can’t print such a thing.)
But Margie Greene still puckers up and nearly every day.
There seemingly is nothing too absurd for her to say.

Does Margie know that Trumpist loyalty goes just one way?
That Trump regards his loyal fans as toys with which to play?
For Trump will use his minions up and then cast them aside.
Ask Rudy Giuliani, “Has Trump stood fast by his side?’

So, Margie stays outrageous; right now, Trump finds her of use.
But if she gets up off her knees, she might become refuse.
Right now, she’s being useful to keep Congress paralyzed.
If Congress starts to legislate, she might be exorcized.

So, Margie has her value as a loyal Trumpist clown,
A subject of snide ridicule most everywhere in town.
Her re-election seems assured, her district’s ruby red.
Her voters do not seem to mind if she’s just an airhead.

Is she a bleached blonde bimbo, as she often has been called?
If so, since she’s in Congress, shouldn’t we all be appalled?
She’s constipating Congress, so it needs a laxative.
It’s up to Georgia voters. Will their votes be curative?

Now Margie, Boebert, and Matt Gaetz lead Donald Trump’s parade.
If Trump’s convicted of a crime, will his star start to fade?
Is Margie Greene so crazy that she’ll back Trump anyway?
We’ll soon find out, for we expect a verdict any day.