May 26, The Libertarians Booed

The Libertarians booed Donald Trump. (1)
They told reporters, “Toss him on the dump.”
Authoritarians are blasphemous.
To Libertarians, they’re venomous.

So, why did Donald Trump address this crowd?
Their boos: spontaneous, sustained, and loud.
Trump fears they’ll cast their votes for Kennedy. (2)
He hoped his speech would be the remedy.

But Libertarians do not like Trump.
And we could watch the Donald’s shoulders slump
And see the puzzled look upon his face,
When realizing he’d not made his case.

Now Donald must look elsewhere for more votes,
To those whom he seduces with his quotes.
We hear some super rich are backing him;
They think more tax cuts will be good for them.

Will rich folks pay for ads they know are lies?
Vote for a man they privately despise?
Already with more cash than they can spend,
They ought to know that Trump is no man’s friend.

Rich Germans, back in nineteen thirty-two,
Backed Hitler and misjudged what he would do.
In just twelve years, they were destroyed by war,
And genocide like never seen before.

Now Donald told us what he has in mind:
Deporting tens of millions he’s maligned.
Trump said he’d be dictator from day one.
And that would mean democracy is done.

(1) Speech to Libertarian convention, May 25, 2024
(2) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is running for President as an independent.