May 26, Donald’s Speech

Since Donald’s been on trial, his dementia’s getting worse.
When listening to what he says, truth’s always the inverse.
What Trump says often makes no sense; “word salad” dominates,
A symptom of dementia, what such babble indicates.

All during Donald’s trial, he came out at each breaktime,
Where he harangued the press, and claimed there wasn’t any crime.
Of course, that is what Trump would say, his cheating is routine,
On taxes, wives, and business deals, no deal with him is clean.

Now Alvin Bragg has brought the heat; he won’t give Trump a pass.
Trump’s trysts turned into felonies, a criminal trespass.
Trump paid two hundred eighty grand to keep two ladies quiet,
To not offend some voters, who don’t like Trump’s sexual diet.

Although the courts all frown on Donald’s sexual gluttony,
It’s the election motive that makes this a felony.
Though Trump’s defense will argue he did not know of this plot,
The documents show that he did; the cooking pot is hot.

The jury’s verdict may depend on folks who have been fooled
Or, if an ardent Trumpist simply cannot be reschooled.
We just don’t know what they’ll decide when they deliberate,
Though lots of commentators have been asked to speculate.

Whatever verdict is delivered, then the fun begins.
Will Donald Trump be punished for this subset of his sins?
The Biden folks and Trumpists will have different views, for sure.
And it is clear their basic disagreements will endure.

And meanwhile, Trump keeps lying, charging that the FBI
And Biden tried to kill him, which the facts, of course, belie.
When they searched Mar A Lago, Trump just charged their real goal
Was to assassinate him, not find documents he stole,

Does that show Trump’s demented or just lying out his ass?
Is this worth a gag order? Will Judge Cannon let it pass?
So far, she has protected Trump: delay upon delay.
This time, has Donald gone too far? What will Judge Cannon say?