May 22, The Defense Rests

Surprise, surprise, Trump did not testify.
(Because his lawyers knew that he would lie.)
On cross-examination, he would face
A myriad of facts he can’t deny.

The prosecution clearly based its case
On payoffs to hide stuff from Donald’s base.
Two gals were paid off for their tales of sex,
To shut up so they wouldn’t hurt Trump’s race.

First, Mike paid Stormy; then things got complex.
Next, Trump paid Mike; the first of many checks.
The prosecution had the documents.
Trump’s witnesses were basically train wrecks.

Trump’s lawyers made clear Donald’s petulance,
(And had to deal with Donald’s flatulence.)
In cross examination no one cracked.
Their last chance will be closing arguments.

The Trump defense exposed the facts they lacked.
They had no theory to counteract
The story that the prosecution told.
Denials do not constitute a fact.

Trump’s lying, cheating ways are getting old.
But Donald Trump is not about to fold.
He’s been found in contempt ten times, so far.
And three more cases still await, on hold.

Republicans treat Trump like he’s their Czar
Or Führer; both terms mean their guiding star.
They happily repeat their leader’s lies.
Though Trump’s speech is increasingly bizarre.