May 16, Trump Sycophancy

Trump’s MAGAt, toady sycophants,
Paraded on their elephants
Up to New York from Washington
To aid in Trump’s recalcitrance.

Republicans in Washington,
Had seen that Trump, their favored son,
Was deep in trouble in New York
For crimes to hide what he had done.

Now Trump’s on trial in New York,
Slow roasted like a slab of pork.
The temperature is turned up high;
The jury might stick in a fork.

The temperature is getting high;
The judge told Trump, “Don’t vilify
“The witnesses and families,
“An order you must not defy.”

The witnesses and families
Must not be painted with Trump sleaze.
So, toadies came to paint for him.
And help Trump spreading his disease.

Republicans who paint for him
Hope that the prize awaiting them
Will be to be Trump’s VP pick,
But, ask Mike Pence, the job is grim.

Kowtowing to be Donald’s pick,
To lick what Mike Pence used to lick,
Trump’s MAGAt, toady sycophants
Should make all thinking people sick.

Trump’s MAGAt, toady sycophants
Rode in on party elephants,
All dressed in Trumpist uniform,
And gave the press Trump’s song and dance.