May 20, Emoluments

Trump told our oil companies
What it would cost for him to freeze
Environmental policies,
So they could all pollute at will.

A billion dollars is his price;
Trump’s made it clear he wants a slice
Of profits; he was quite concise.
And then, they may pollute at will.

A billion bucks, a big “house rake,”
From all the profits they would make
While causing Mother Earth to bake
When they may all pollute at will.

Concern for the environment
Is not the corporate sentiment.
Should they pay Trump’s emolument
So they may all pollute at will?

For, they all know that Trump could lose,
Perhaps, instead, they ought to choose
To pay for an Alito cruise,
To help them all pollute at will.

Now, Donald Trump is out on bail
But, what if he winds up in jail?
And, if they don’t complete the sale,
Perhaps they can’t pollute at will.

So, it’s a billion dollar bet
To put the Donald in their debt.
Is that a bet that they’ll regret,
So they may all pollute at will?

Should they see what a billion buys?
(They also know that Donald lies.)
No regulations is the prize,
So they may all pollute at will.

We’ll see what all the boards decide:
Participate in terracide? (1)
And pay a bribe that we can hide?
So Trump lets us pollute at will?

(1) “Terracide,” killing the Earth.