May 25, Cutting Down the Voter Roles

May 25, Cutting Down the Voter Roles


The Trumpists know that they can’t win when voting’s free and fair.

So, they’ll reduce the voter rolls; that’s cheating; they don’t care.

They know the full electorate will not support their guy,

So they will change the slicing rules to keep more of the pie.


Suppressing voting is the standard in autocracy.

Selecting voters starts the path to lose democracy.

For, voters may be whimsical, throw out whom they don’t like.

A free and fair election may burst through most any dike.


Apparently some Trumpists are just crazy; some are dumb,

And some immoral, selfish, bigoted, although their sum

Is not yet a majority.  Should we give thanks to God?

Not really.  Lots of Christians still support this sinful fraud.


Republicans are showing us their central motive: power.

And seem to think the road to power is to kneel and cower

In front of Trump, although he’s undeniably a crook,

A problem that is evident if one will only look.


So, why, oh why do they do this?  The answer’s rather clear.

The Donald can raise money for the challengers they fear.

They want to stay in office, although only God knows why.

They do not want to govern, yet refuse to say, “Good bye.”


And so, they think “The Big Lie,” is the path to keep their seats.

The Big Lie is that Donald won and that Joe Biden cheats.

The very opposite is true and most of them know that,

But they will still oppose Joe Biden; he’s a Democrat.


And now, the Donald’s testicles are in a legal vise

And Cyrus Vance is squeezing to exact a heavy price     (1)

For all Trump’s peccadilloes, civil and felonious.

Expect the Trump reaction to be acrimonious.


If Donald gets indicted, how his sycophants will squirm!

But, will they all stay loyal if he serves a prison term?

Will they invade his prison looking for someone to hang?

Will prison guards stay passive or shoot at the Trumpist gang?


  • Cyrus Vance is the District Attorney of Manhattan.