May 19, The January 6th Commission

May 19, The January 6th Commission


McCarthy, leader of the “Rs,” announced he would oppose

The January 6th Commission, fearing to expose

Republicans in Congress who conspired in the attack,

Perhaps confirming Donald Trump as leader of the pack.


When you commit yourself to lies to further your career,

Then you make truth your enemy; the facts something to fear.

So all fact-finding efforts must be viewed as dangerous,

Though lies are prone to spread until the body’s gangrenous.


The Capitol attack was insurrection; people died.

McCarthy seems to think there’s something there he needs to hide.

Although he first blamed Donald Trump, now Kevin’s changed his tune.

When Donald Trump took umbrage, Kevin spun his lies cocoon.


So, should sedition be excused if from our own right wing?

Was trashing of the Capitol a harmless, midweek fling?

As Kevin’s making light of this, the implication’s dire.

To stop the finding of the facts, with whom will he conspire?


McCarthy and Scalise have told Republicans: “Vote No!

“On forming a Commission.”  So, what don’t they want to know?

Regarding the pandemic, Kevin says, “Let’s all unmask.”

Unmasking Capitol conspirators…too much to ask.


And now McConnell’s joining with McCarthy to oppose

The January 6th Commission, Democrats propose.

That’s standard stuff for Mitch; we know obstruction is his style.

McConnell’s business model is, “No service, with a smile.”