May 27, Problems We Face

May 27, Problems We Face


We face an autocratic threat,

Kakistocratic, that’s worse yet.

The threat erupting from the right:

Lose an election, start a fight.


To win elections, choose who votes;

Surround the polls with walls and moats.

Keep out the voters from the left;

Restrict until no blacks are left.


In Texas, guns for everyone,

Restrictions?  Texans will have none.

Abortions?  “God forbid,” they said.

“Let all be born; then shoot them dead.”


Some selfish dolts refuse a mask,

(For public health, too much to ask.)

Though scientists say, “Take vaccine,”

That’s socialist; therefore obscene.


And global warming is a hoax

By left-wing scientific folks.

Oil companies would not tell lies

To make a profit; they’re good guys.


The insurrection?  Let it pass;

They’ll cover their collective ass.

Some of them fear when truth’s exposed,

Come next election, they’ll get hosed.


Trust science or trust QAnon?

Trust Fauci or the Trumpist con?

Well, sadly in the GOP,

They trust the crazy recipe.


Restrict the vote, autocracy,

The QAnon insanity,

Don’t take vaccine; let’s all pack heat;

And scientists of climate cheat.


These are the problems that we face;

Their tracks and origins we trace

To back before Trump, from the lure

Of racist, white, religious spoor.