May 29, What Do Republicans Fear?

May 29, What Do Republicans Fear?


What do Republicans not want to find out?

This last filibuster: what was that about?

Insurrection Commission?  Mitch just said, “No.”

What is it McConnell does not want to know?


Or does Mitch already know what they might find?

Does right wing sedition weigh on Mitch’s mind?

Republican Congressmen, Senators too,

Might we find that some of them helped plan the coup?


Mitch says that such findings may be bad for them.

He means that the findings may be bad for him.

Majority leader, (what Mitch wants to be,)

Is harder with a shrinking minority.


We know Mitch’s nature is just to obstruct.

His conduct for decades has served to instruct

All those who observed that he’ll let nothing pass,

Preferring instead to let dead bills amass.


So Trump’s insurrection for autocracy

Conducted on 1-6 with such blatancy,

Should be left alone, so our memories fade,

Forgive, and forget so we are not afraid.


He’ll use filibusters to keep facts obscure,

Support vote restrictions, keep screwing the poor,

Let QAnon nitwits continue to rave,

Let democracy die, with nothing to save.


Republican voters, a minority,

Still want to control our society.

And with Mitch preserving the white status quo,

They’ll tell all the Democrats where they can go.


So, Mitch won’t investigate Trump’s treachery,

He hopes that it fades away from memory.

McConnell craves power; but we kicked him out

Don’t give Mitch the Senate; let’s just let him pout.


The cure for this?  The filibuster must go.

That is a plain fact all the analysts know.

So, who’ll tell Joe Manchin, it’s time to wake up?

There will be no changing without that shake up.