March 9, Trump, the Dictator

Trump wants to be a dictator, a word that starts with, “dic.”
He’s halfway there already, for Donald acts like a dick.
Trump wants to emulate tyrants: Putin, Orban, and Kim.
Worshipful when meeting Putin, Trump yearns to be like him.

Vladimir kills his dissenters; he’s invaded Ukraine.
Trump says, “Go ahead, invade them; and flush them down the drain.”
Donald is consulting Orban on how to always win,
How to fix future elections, to never lose again.

Donald is also a pen pal of North Korea’s Kim.
Donald has saved Kim’s “love letters;” (Donald thinks Kim loves him.)
“President for Life,” like China’s, is what Trump wants to be.
Xi has Donald Trump pining, “Why can’t this happen to me?”

Our economy’s better than where these four guys preside.
Lots of that’s due to Biden, which Trump and his base denied.
Autocrats manage the budget (and they all steal a lot.)
At poker games in their countries, the “house” rakes every pot.

So, we have Donald, the grifter: now in court for his crimes,
And his huge, civil fraud judgements, predicting more hard times.
Biden’s older (and wiser,) and knows how governments work.
Why would our voters replace him with a demented jerk?

Mendacious and narcissistic, dementia peeking through?
Justice nips at his buttocks and all the charges ring true.
Trump is known as a grifter and may be losing his mind,
Which will be making it harder to save his big behind.

Winning, becoming dictator, is Trump’s last and best hope.
There is nothing that he won‘t try, if we give him the rope.
Trump needs to be a dictator, ruling with a big stick.
He’s halfway there already: for Donald Trump’s a big dick.