March 6, Is Trump Demented?

Is Donald Trump demented? Listen to his scrambled speech.
Have Donald’s brains been scrambled? Has he been injecting bleach?
While Trump flirts with dementia, Joe Biden is merely old.
It seems such facts don’t matter in Donald Trump’s ovine fold.

Donald should have us frightened as he runs for president.
With his signs of dementia, we’d better not feel content.
Donald’s history has proven, he is a sick narcissist.
He thinks only of Donald; others’ needs do not exist.

Trump piles lies upon falsehoods. That satisfies Donald’s fringe,
His loss wounded his ego, hence, his desire for revenge.
Donated dollars pay lawyers; they don’t fund Trump’s campaign.
That is one more example of Donald’s fraudulent brain.

Can Trump stay out of prison for his life of crime and sin?
He needs more than base voters to guarantee he will win.
Has Donald reached his ceiling of voters who’ll overlook
All his losing court cases, proving that he’s a big crook?

We’ll soon have an election, rematching Donald and Joe.
Trump’s a convicted fraudster, who is all bluster and blow.
Trump is a proven liar, who’d say sunset’s in the east,
Who’s always on the lookout for someone who can be fleeced.

Biden’s held public office for most of his adult years.
He has learned how to govern, knows what works, when to shift gears.
Because Joe thinks of others, his four years are a success.
So, why replace him with Donald, who’ll reimpose his mess?

If you’re tired of elections, then join the Donald Trump corps.
If Trump gets back in power, we will not have any more.
Trump wants to be dictator to wield power ‘til he dies.
(Dictators hold their office ‘til revolutions arise.)

Donald Trump claims he’s stable; we should have reason to doubt.
To preserve our republic, voters must throw Donald out.
Joe Biden may be older, but wiser and competent.
There’s no doubt based on reason, who should be our president.