March 13, Despotism

Donald Trump likes Hitler’s rantings but not Kimmel’s joking. (1)
And Kimmel’s riposte to Trump’s tweeting left poor Donald choking.
Donald Trump cannot abide all those who criticize him,
Or those who say that they did not appreciate his poking. (2)

All comedians know that it’s fun to criticize him.
Advisers in all areas have said they can’t advise him.
Trump thinks he doesn’t need advice; he’s so narcissistic.
And those who’ve worked with him say it is time that we excise him.

How can we deal with Donald Trump, who’s so narcissistic?
For narcissists are often masochistic or sadistic.
Donald Trump has shown us all his toxic egotism.
So, Trump thinks of himself alone; he’s never altruistic.

All autocratic heads of state show their egotism.
And none are democratic, they all govern through fascism.
Donald favors autocrats, his source of inspiration.
Putin, Orban, Kim, and Xi incline him to despotism.

Thomas Jefferson served as our country’s inspiration,
Because he was the author of our founding Declaration. (3)
Jefferson had faults but what he wrote gave us direction
And he would be appalled at what Trump’s doing to our nation.

We’re a work in progress since Tom drafted our direction.
And now it is our job to bring us closer to perfection.
Donald wants to win and then become our first dictator.
To stop him, voters have to de-tumesce his big erection.

Never in our history have we had a dictator.
Trump promises to be a constitutional castrator.
Biden promises he will defend the Constitution.
Our choice: a democrat or insurrection instigator.

(1) Trump tweeted during the Oscar show that Jimmy Kimmel, the host, did a terrible job in his monologue. Kimmel read Trump’s tweet on the air, then said: “I’m surprised you’re watching. Isn’t it past your jail time?” Hilarity ensued.
(2) E. Jean Carroll sued Trump for sexual assault and defamation and won a huge judgement, twice, for a total of over 80 million dollars.
(3) Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It is clearly a document expressing an ideal direction, not a completion of the goals of liberty for all.