March 15, The Ides of March?

Vlad Putin touts his nuclear erection,
Thus, farting in our general direction. (1)
Does he think Trump will win our next election
And then embrace the autocrat infection?

Continuing with Vladimir’s projection:
Does it relate to Donald Trump’s subjection?
We all recall the 1-6 insurrection,
It might repeat with Biden’s re-election.

We know Trump wants to toss the Constitution
And make himself immune from prosecution.
He’ll grant his office legal absolution,
And that includes opponents’ execution.

Now Donald Trump campaigns on retribution,
Which he sees as his ultimate solution,
For lost elections and his prosecution,
And, of course, financial destitution.

Most people with a first-rate education,
Can recognize that Trump needs medication,
Which might explain his total dedication
To Vladimir and his glorification.

Does this explain Trump’s total abdication
Of truth that interferes with vindication,
By furthering his Big Lie fabrication,
And then, by presidential defecation?

The Ides of March, Caesar’s assassination, (2)
Expressing Roman Senate indignation,
At Caesar’s campaign for his coronation,
For which he paid the price of termination.

Another way of autocrat prevention:
Elections also work for intervention.
Let voters vote, no need for contravention;
Vox populi, democracy’s convention. (3)

(1) From Monty Python and The Holy Grail
(2) Julius Caesar was assassinated by political opponents in the Roman Senate on March 15, 44 BC.
(3) Vox populi, Latin for the “voice of the people.”